[Toàn Cầu] Cơ Hội Nhận Học Bổng Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2019


HẠN CUỐI: 14/1/2019
McKinsey&Company invites female students of all backgrounds to apply for the scholarship designed to recognize talent and support women who would like to maximize their own potential. This is your opportunity to learn more about McKinsey & Company and our people and to join an exceptional international network of talented women.


Recipients will be awarded:

  • a scholarship of 2,000 Euros (or its equivalent in a local currency) towards the cost of tuition, summer employment, volunteer work, research, or any other initiative supporting your academic and/or professional development
  • individual mentorship from McKinsey consultants to support you as you consider your academic trajectory and career aspiration
  • an invitation to a local McKinsey event or an office visit


  • a student working towards a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD, from any discipline or background

Participating Offices

  • Africa: Angola; Casablanca; Johannesburg; Lagos; Nairobi
  • Asia Pacific: Bangkok; Bangalore; Chennai; Delhi; Gurugram; Hanoi; Jakarta; Kuala Lumpur; Manila; Melbourne; Mumbai; Perth; Seoul; Singapore; Sydney; Tokyo; Osaka
  • Eastern Europe: Almaty; Astana; Belgrade; Bucharest; Budapest; Kiev; Moscow; Prague; Warsaw; Zagreb
  • Western Europe: Amsterdam; Antwerp; Athens; Berlin; Brussels; Cologne; Copenhagen; Dublin; Dusseldorf; Frankfurt; Geneva; Hamburg; Helsinki; Istanbul; Lisbon; London; Luxembourg; Madrid; Milan; Munich; Oslo; Paris; Rome; Stockholm; Stuttgart; Vienna; Zurich
  • Middle East: Abu Dhabi; Doha; Dubai; Kuwait; Riyadh; Tel Aviv
  • South America: Bogota; Buenos Aires; Lima; Medellin


To apply please submit:

  • Your CV in English including details of your education (including grades), any work experience as well as any extracurricular activities and achievements
  • A cover letter in English (1 page max) including a paragraph about your most notable accomplishment and a paragraph describing how you would benefit from receiving the award
  • Academic transcripts (do not need to be in English) depending on your office preferences (please see details below)
  1. Africa, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden require academic transcripts from high school onwards
  2. Asia and Pacific, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland require university transcripts
  3. For other offices, academic transcripts are optional, but please include relevant grades in your resume

Before submitting your application, please do make sure you have uploaded all the relevant attachments – they will not be able to process your application without the transcripts, cover letter and CV as requested.

When you apply you will be asked to list up to two office locations which will review your application. We advise you to choose locations to which you have strong ties (e.g. you have studied or lived in the country) and whose local language you are fluent in. This does not limit you to any office/practice for the future.

Click here to apply.

Deadline: January 14, 2019

For more information, visit McKinsey&Company.

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